The Company

AMBISEA Technology Corp., Ltd has been involved in the medical field since 2004. Started as a trading company, it has become a design, sourcing and marketing company, who today works with customers and partners worldwide. Thanks to its based in Hong Kong free port, it benefits from an easy access to the resources available from China (products and staff) while acting as bridge or booster for several companies in which it has invested.

Since 2016, AMBISEA Technology Corp., Ltd has taken a new step with a European office located in France, helping to close the gap between western and eastern worlds. Since then, it has become easier for our customers to interact with us and brought a wealth of new opportunities.

For over 10 years, we have grown stronger in our diabetes solutions with an ever expanding customer based located particularly in Europe and Canada.

AMBISEA Technology Corp., Ltd, remains focused on 2 main axis:

  • Medical Consumables/Disposables
  • Monitoring and Diagnostic Equipment

Despite being a privately owned company, AMBISEA is tied up with strong players in its focused areas thus is able to provide competitive pricing strategies and above average quality products.

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